Service / Training program

We understand our “service” as complete and extensive: We deliver not only products and services with a constantly high quality, but also submit assistance and advice in the customer’s site.


Innovative products need some advice before and after the delivery. For that reason our communication with the customer is not limited just to find a price and the adequate delivery time. We offer our advice for the design and conception of the box and the best possible nesting, to allow our customers the best efficiency possible.

Trainings and Seminars

Any kind of training related to die-making and die-cutting can be provided tailor-made in your or in our premises, for example

Seminars for flatbed die-cutting:

  1. Basics about flatbed die-cutting
  2. The optimum pressure and dressing
  3. Nick´s –where and how to make them
  4. The counterparts
  5. Rubbering technique
  6. The creation of boxes considering the further production
  7. Tendencies in the market

Seminar about rotary dies:

  1. How the rotary dies are produced
  2. Basics about cutting and creasing
  3. Basics about ejection of the box and the waste
  4. How to achieve higher accuracy
  5. How to create boxes with further production in mind
  6. Trend and tendencies

The seminars can be hold in two to four hours and can be combined with best practices.

DPA-Program from Jeurink:

  • (Diecutting Performance Analysis)
  • Check-up (Pictures, movies)
  • Actual condition of tools
  • Storage of tools
  • Handling and transportation of tools
  • Provision of tools
  • Production preparation
  • Set-up of die-cutting and stripping section
  • Control of set-up time
  • Start-up production and analysis of possible malfunctions
  • Condition of die-cutter
  • Assessement of the actual condition
  • Development of a report to submit to the Management
  • Kick-off meeting with the presentation of all suggestions to improve the production
  • This diagnosis may take two to four days and the evaluation, the report and the presentation of all possible benefits, another two to three days.