Packaging Design

You have a need for a box, without knowing how it should look like? We are able to assist you!

Our qualified employees together with a special software are able to create a packaging design for you in seconds. We need to know the most relevant information (length x width x height) to show you the design on the screen. Herewith we submit you a first feeling how the new packaging development could look.

DVS PDF Download

Our suggestions are based on standards (FEFCO, ECMA, display) for solid and corrugated cardboard. You can find part of those standards also here in our web. Of course we can also consider your wishes and implement the corresponding changes (as long it is suitable also for the future production.)

For a better feeling for the look and fit of the product, we have the facility to cut, crease and provide samples which offers the base for further improvements together with your customer.

For the construction and drawing of the CAD-design, it will be very useful if you provide the product to be packed and the packing material you prefer to use.

For the development process it might be important to know how your final product in the box will be transported and stored. According to these information we will create a packaging design which meet your needs.


In three steps to the best box:

Step 1: Decide about the basic conception
Select a packaging standard and adapt it to your needs and imagination.
Step 2: Develop a sample
Provide us the substrate and the content you want to pack and we design according to both criterias. In that step it could make sense to create a “white sample”.
Step 3:
After evaluating the sample and testing the fit of the product inside of it, additional changes can be done in the program to optimize the box.

Your benefits in short

  • Nearly immediate display of the box on the screen by selecting a standard and adding the basic data
  • Hundreds of standards available to use or customize
  • Design of the exact box which fits your product and packing material
  • The design is created considering also the future die-cutting possibility
  • Advice how to glue the box and pack the product after die-cutting
  • “White sample” to test the functionality and also to show the concept
  • Creation of all relevant data for the pre-print