Technical Department

Dies for the Technical Department

These dies distinguish themselves by an extreme high accuracy and stability and are normally used in die-cutting technical parts, like gaskets, foils & plastics, foam and even aliments. Suppliers for the European automotive industry believe in our quality and knowledge!

Cutting rules (Knives)

We work with steel cutting rules with a height of up to 100 mm and we do also weld them, if necessary. Rules with a height of over 40 mm are provided with a special set-up to grant highest stability. We also use rules with a very high hardness in the body and in the bevel.
Most of the processes in which steel rules are involved, are completely automated: Cutting, notching and bending is done by automatic benders.


Fitting of the knives

In die-cutting dies with a lateral setup the cutting rules are fixed from inside by screws. Thanks to that, we reach additional stability and accuracy. In certain applications the die-cutting process is done against a soft material (i.e. nylon cutting pad) and there is a risk to remove the knives from the die-board if the bevel stays in the counterplate. For that reason, we developed different systems to fix the knives to the board: By welding, screwing and also fixing systems at the bottom of the die.

Kiss-Cut of foam

There are applications in which the substrate to be die-cut has two layers and one of them should not be penetrated or the protective film from a self-adhesive should not even be touched by the bevel of the knives: For these cases we also developed solutions with great acceptance in the practice.

Air-channels in the die-board

In some die-cutting situations the substrate needs to be fixed by vacuum or the product or waist need to be expulsed. In those cases small tubes must distribute the compressed air to predetermined points. Therefore a channel in the die-board must be cut, also a technology we control.



The following materials are typical for technical dies: Plastics for thermoforming, textiles and fabrics, nonwoven mats, leather, elastomers and foam, any insulating material, any product used to make gaskets, etc.

Special and tailor-made tools

We can supply die-boards made in plywood, acrylic or other materials which can be cut with our CO2-laser. Also die-boards made of aluminium are available. These dies are used to die-cut aliments or certain heated materials (when for example the cut of certain plastics should have a smooth cutting edge).


Our suppliers of plywood get their wood from ecological treated forests. The wood is certified by Corporations which safe-guard sustainable Forest Cultivation, that means, they fulfil not only the ecological, but also the economic and social standards.
Also Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik takes responsibility for the environment and best conditions for the employees.

Your benefits:

  • Dimensional stability of the die-boards by choosing best plywood and acrylics
  • Laser cut aluminium die-boards when heated dies are required
  • Special die-boards and cutting rules for the direct die-cut of aliment
  • Reinforcement made of steel for stronger dies, for example when using with roller presses
  • Protective knives absorb the first impact and protect the cutting rule itself from being deformed
  • Fixation of cutting rules on the bottom of the die
  • Dies with vacuum and anti-vacuum channels