Folding carton

Steel rule dies for folding carton

You have probably seen more products than expected in boxes which have been die-cut with our tools. Our tools are used to produce boxes for writing utensils, pharmaceutical products (medicines), confectionery, aliments or for cosmetics.
These packages are usually recognized by unusual designs or by the embossed Braille script or for any other embossed area which was previously mounted on our dies.
Do you want to have a box which can be opened fast and properly? We have the right solution: We include top and reverse score techniques in the tools and counterparts for opening by the “delamination” concept or use special zipper-perforating rules, according to what makes more sense to the product inside the box.


Steel Counter Plate

You probably get the best creasing results by using Steel Counter Plates, which we produce by using a very accurate counter cutter (milling machine). We supply the steel counter plates in different hardness values (from 35 HRC to 52 HRC). Phenolic counters (Pertinax) are also included in our portfolio.

Stripping Tools

Our stripping tools are designed and built according to the “dynamic stripping”, which avoid or minimize the use of lower pins. We will find the best of stripping system suitable for the specific job.

Blanking tools

We produce blanking tools (separation-tools) in different variants: For standard frames, frames made of aluminium-profiles or made of steel. We also consider your wishes and demands.


We obtain all materials we use from certified suppliers. We consider sustainability as a must and select suppliers and products according to their high level of sustainability standards.
Also we consider the protection of the environment and the continuity of our production standards as a primary priority.

Why do our dies reach best results?

Our steel rule dies reach best production results because

  • We use stable die-board made of thin plys of birch
  • Highest quality of ejection rubber and rubber profiles
  • Cutting knives with auto-adjustment instead of make-ready by patch-up (which reduce considerable the make-ready time)

Stripping tools with

  • dynamic system
  • Stripping rules with variable allocation of the spikes on the top for secure fixing of the waste
  • Special system to keep the sheet fixed while the stripping process
  • Flying sheet to allow the sheet to overcome through bigger holes

Lower Blanking tools

  • With aluminium frame
  • With steel frame
  • With standardized and reusable frames

Creasing Systems

  • Made of Pertinax (phenolic counters)
  • Steel Counter Plate in different hardness values

Other supplies, like

  • Embossing tools made of brass with the Patrices made of different materials
  • Milled or etched reverse scorings