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Dies for letterpress-machines

If you are looking for an experienced and competent producer of cutting forms for any kind of die-cutting application, you are at the right place. It belongs to our daily routine to design and produce high quality dies for commercial printing.
From the enquiry, over the ordering to the delivery of the tools through our overnight-delivery service or with our delivery van: Usually the dies are delivered within 24 hours.


Heidelberger Tiegel / Heidelberger Zylinder

Heidelberger Tiegel (OHT) and Heidelberger Cylinder (OHZ) are still very common letterpress machines at our customers. Dies for those or similar machines are produced daily by our experienced employees with the highest accuracy and quick delivery. Maps, folders, tab or perforating forms: With us you are in good hands.

Kiss-cut dies

We are experts in the conception and production of kiss-cutting dies! To achieve the best possible results while applying low cutting pressure, we use knives with extra sharp bevels and extremely narrow tolerances. As long as our machine can handle the dimensions, we test all the kiss-cutting dies in order to see the clean cut without touching the carrying paper. Our customer gets a control-sample and also a certificate of the test. This test assists us in proving our quality and grants the customer lowest possible make-ready time.

Automatic die-cutters (Autoplatines)

At the site of many of our customers who started to die-cut with letterpress-machines, they are meanwhile automated die-cutters like Bobst SP, Heidelberg Varimatrix and Dymatrix, Brausse, Mastercut, Expertcut, etc.
It´s evident that we supply you with the complete set of tools for any of those die-cutters for any application, substrate and for any known size.



To get ideas, regarding the look and the design of the packaging, we suggest to visit our web under “packaging design”. You can find a lot of different designs which can help with your decision-making.
Once you decided for a certain packaging type or standard, you submit us the required sizes and the thickness of the substrate and we can cut and crease a “white sample” in the original size. Our website offers you more information about that service.

What refers to in-line die-cutting in one step –during printing- we provide you with the necessary cutting, scoring, perforating or kiss-cutting plates and the additional materials.
We also supply cut, score, crease or perfo-strips from the company Per-F-offset, which we keep currently in our inventory!
You can cutting plates for Heidelberg Tiegel or Cylinder from us as well.

Consumables / accessories

Beside the cutting and all related tools, we supply a comprehensive line of products, like special tailored rules, male and female embossing tools, etc.

Pertinax counters

If you want to achieve a good creasing quality in a short set-up time, we can provide the right counterpart made of Pertinax to your die-cutting tool.

Creasing matrix

You can also order the adequate creasing matrices to your tool.


Do you need a competent advice? We are able to assist you on all levels. Thanks to our huge experience in the conversion of commercial printing, our employees are ready to assist you at any time.


Our suppliers of plywood get their wood from ecological treated forests. The wood is certified by Corporations which safe-guard sustainable forest cultivation, that means, they fulfil not only the ecological, but also the economic and social standards.
Also Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik takes responsibility for the environment and best conditions for their employees.

Your advantages briefly

  • An extensive library of packaging standards for a quick way to create ideas or develop a solution
  • Production of samples made of paper, cardboard or corrugated board with our automatic plotter
  • Assistance by the selection of the right material to be die-cut
  • Flexibility in the conversion and reproduction of your data, i.e. from film, sample or digital data
  • Delivery of foam inserts for special packages
  • In-house test of kiss-cutting dies for self-adhesive labels
  • Shortest delivery time