Corrugated board rotary

Rotary Dies

We produce rotary dies for die-cutting and converting corrugated board. The dies can have diameters from 174 mm up to 648 mm. With our dies, our customers achieve optimum results in die-cutting quality and production speed, so we can meet the needs of our customers with our quality standards.

We use and convert only top class raw materials, like rotary shells of strong dimensional stability, selected ejection rubber qualities and cutting rules Made in Germany.

One of the characteristics of our company is the individual conception of the tools which considers the specifications of the papers and the special wishes of our customers and realizes those in the production. This can be noticed i.e. in the connection of the cutting knives which are made in uncritical areas with the result of getting die-cut boxes free of waste.

Another example for innovations in our rotary dies is the fixation of knives with nick´s in the axial and radial blanking areas.

The rubbering, means the selection and the positioning of the ejection rubber, claims highest priority in our company. Rubbers have a strong influence to the cutting quality, cutting speed, ejection speed of waste, non existence of waste and dimensional stability of the box. An additional benefit is reached by our water-jet cut rubbers according to the contour of the cutting rules.


Polytop MX®

Best rotary dies, require perfect ejection materials! Analysis concluded that Polytop MX® is at the moment by far the best die-ejection material available. When usual ejection materials seem to be good enough in the first rotations, Polytop MX® keeps all excellent characteristics also after many hundred thousand of rotations.

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Training / Seminars

Do you need a professional instruction or a seminar related to a specific topic? We’ve got you covered! Many years of experience in rotary die-making and die-cutting gave to our employees the comprehensive skills to be professionals. Use our knowledge for your benefit!


Our suppliers of plywood get their wood from ecological treated forests. The wood is certified by Corporations which safe-guard sustainable forest cultivation, that means, they fulfil not only the ecological, but also the economic and social standards.
Also Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik takes responsibility for the environment and best conditions for their employees.


Best results in production are assured by

  • A special developed cutting rule process in which the connections are made in the waste areas.
  • High performance rubbers
  • Easy replacement of knives with nick´s