Corrugated board flatbed


Our flat-bed dies are designed individually according to the application and/or the substrate to be die-cut. In times of decreasing paper-qualities the selection of the materials for the die-making is particularly important. This also applies for the right decision about the construction of the stripping tools.

It is our goal to produce the right tools for your application. We develop the right solution for you by considering the costs in relation to the output.
We use the optimum rubber, offer re-knifing of special cutting rules and supply them with the appropriate creasing system.


Training / Education / Seminars

Do you need a professional training or a short-seminar for a special topic? We can help you on all fields. Thanks our long-term experience with flat-bed dies, our employees develop a huge range of competences. Use their experiences for your benefit!



Our suppliers of plywood get their wood from ecological treated forests. The wood is certified by Corporations which safe-guard sustainable forest cultivation, that means, they fulfil not only the ecological, but also the economic and social standards.
Also Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik takes responsibility for the environment and best conditions for their employees.

Your benefits in short

  • Ensured performance of our tools thanks to
  • High quality ejection rubbers
  • Suitable creasing systems


The stripping dies are developed for

  • Dynamic stripping systems ( reduced usage of lower pins)
  • Flying system, if you whish
  • Additional sheet fixing system, if required