Sales of consumables for die-cutting and die-making

Do you need any die-supply?
Don’t worry, you are at the right address! We offer a comprehensive range of products to cover all your demands.

SKOR Creasing Matrix

Creasing matrix from SKOR are an economic alternative of high quality matrixes.We supply them made of pressboard or plastic, based on foil, for use in automatic die-cutters, die-cutting cylinders and manual feed platens. They can be used for creasing paper, cardboard or corrugated board of any thickness.

SKOR Creasing Matrices are especially recommended for short and medium runs.They are available as channels, off-centre (for short distances between cutting and creasing rule or two creasing rules) and as multi-crease for double crease.



With the Per-F-offset strips you can easily add perforations, creasing and cutting in-line in the Offset-Printing-Press, regardless of the paper-grammage, avoiding the use of a die.

Materials / Consumables

We are committed to produce our tools as cost efficient as possible without infringing in the quality of them. We buy our consumption materials in huge quantities and have most of them in stock. For that reason we are able to supply any demand for attractive conditions.

This is a short selection from our portfolio:

  • All elements and products to fix your dies on your press, such as impact sleeves
  • SEjection rubbers in sheets, strips, also cut according any contour. Rubber profiles for nicking areas or for assistance to the creasing rules.
  • Different glues for fixing the rubber and profiles on your die.
  • Any cutting, creasing or perforating rules, sold by the metre or cut and bend according to your needs. For flat or rotary dies.
  • Any Cito products, like creasing matrices for all common substrates, delivered in rolls or strips. Counterplate cleaners, scissors to cut rubber or creasing matrix, make-ready sheet, make-ready tapes, metal shim-tapes.
  • Plotter accessories like cutting pads, knives, polyester film…
  • Steel plates (counter-plates) for almost all die-cutters, also to keep your creasing system on the die-cutting plate for re-use.
  • Perfa-Types to mark or recognize any information on the corrugated board (by needling) during or after the die-cutting process.
    Rule processing equipment, like manual cutters, lipper´s (miter´s), notcher´s, bending machines. Also nick-grinders, strippers, rule pullers, etc.
  • Materials for stripping tools and blanking tools: Steel rules, stripping blades or pins, centreline-components, several choices for waste separators, etc.
  • And many others

Please contact us by phone or by e-mail in case you have a specific question.