About us

The Company Jürgen Jeurink exists since 1984. It belongs to the innovative producers of die-cutting forms in Germany. Located in Hamburg and with 40 employees we produce high quality and high performance die-cutting tools for any kind of die-cutting press, for flatbed and rotary die-cutting.
Our customers are from small printers (screen-print, letterpress, offset) up to multinational corporations, producers or converters of paper, cardboard and corrugated board.

Innovation / Pro-activity

As a supplier of national and international companies, we are committed to develop constantly new solutions for our tools. To be pro-active is part of our company culture. We consider always the lowest possible set-up and make-ready time and the optimum running performance. We often visit our customers to be sure that our quality satisfies or even surpasses the expectation of our customers.
Thanks our experience in best practice, we are in the position to offer new and individual solutions to our customers. We will find a solution when others say “it´s not possible”.


By using high quality raw materials and parts, as for example coated plywood made of Finnish birch, selected ejection rubbers and steel rules from the best European producers, we assure longevity and a constant high performance during the life-time or our tools.
These conditions grant our customers the best price-productivity ratio.
The constant quality is also reached at Jürgen Jeurink by the implementation of a QMS Quality Management System, which becomes adapted constantly to the new challenges in the technological development and considers also adaptions in the administration processes.


Our suppliers of plywood get their wood from ecological treated forests. The wood is certified by Corporations which safe-guard sustainable forest cultivation, that means, they fulfil not only the ecological, but also the economic and social standards.
Also Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik takes responsibility for the environment and best conditions for their employees.

Development of the Company:

  • 1984 acquisition of the company Kannengiesser with one employee
  • 1985 Start-up with rotary dies
  • 1990 Purchase of the CNC Kongsberg jig-saw for flat and rotary dies
  • 1991 Installation of the first laser cutting system with 700 Watt for flatbed dies
  • 1994 Installation of the second laser cutting machine for flatbed dies, with 1200 Watt power
  • 1995 Purchase of the second CNC Kongsberg jig-saw for rotary dies
  • 1998 First automatic rule processor
  • 1998 First combo laser for flat and rotary dies
  • 2002 Milling machine for Pertinax counters (counter cutter)
  • 2004 First water-jet cutting machine for ejection rubbers
  • 2005 Second water-jet cutter
  • 2005 Start-up of the “Fine-Laser” department with one new laser machine
  • 2006 full automatic rule processor and bending machine for flatbed dies
  • 2006 Fine-Laser cutting machine
  • 2006 New additional laser cutting system for flat and rotary dies
  • 2007 Rule processor for stripping rules
  • 2009 Full size sample-maker / plotter
  • 2009 High performance milling machine for Steel Counter plates and Pertinax counters
  • 2010 Newest Rule processor Pro Rule Cut
  • 2011 Automatic bending machine “idea”
  • 2012 Water-jet cutter with 2 cutting heads
  • 2013 Installation of newest impact-versions
  • 2014 Increasing the production area and optimizing productions processes
  • 2015 milling machine among others for processing sub boards
  • 2016 line processing for high knife